Gripmaster(グリップマスター) Hand Exerciser(ハンドエクササイザー) Medium Tension (7ポンド約3.15) ※DM便90円


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指、手首、前腕の大幅向上が期待できるGripmaster Hand Exerciser。Medium Tensionの強度は7ポンド。しかし十分過ぎる強度を備えており指を一本づつ鍛える事が可能です。

Made in USA
Strengthen weaker fingers for superior hitting, throwing, and fielding
7 pounds of tension per finger
Challenges each finger individually using patented spring-loaded finger piston technology
Greatly improves hand, wrist, and forearm strength
Includes complete exercise program

Product Description
Get a grip... a better, stronger grip! As used by federal agents, the GripMaster! This enhances hand, wrist and forearm strength, for improved shooting control, accuracy and weapon retention. It's unique in that it isolates each individual finger... not just a "squeezer" like some. That's why it's used by the FBI, ATF and DEA. It comes in 3 models with gradual resistance... you might want to get 2, starting lighter and building to heavier. Blue is Light, 5 lbs. per finger. Red is Medium, 7 lbs. per finger. Black is Heavy, 9 lbs. per finger. State Resistance Level. For shooting and bowhunting strength, get one or more of these valuable tools now! GripMaster Hand Exerciser

●18mmデイジーチェーン https://goo.gl/cVD53
●18mmナイロンライナー https://goo.gl/zP70yj
●10mmダイネックスランナー https://goo.gl/403Bp4
●連結用 オーバル カラビナ https://goo.gl/WHuN2L
●参考 グッぼるトレーニング http://goo.gl/Y178ZF

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